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AI Technology Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning we take the guesswork out of dental care.

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It costs nothing to patients to use while helping providers and partners decrease costs and increase efficiency.

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Robohealer an artificial intelligence and machine learning application

Robo healer utilizes a combination of deep learning capabilities and algorithms

Robohealer is an artificial intelligence and machine learning application with multiple functions including a patient symptom checker which can help consumers with preliminary identification of potential problems.

  • Robo healer utilizes a combination of deep learning capabilities and algorithms to help patients and providers determine proper diagnosis of oral pathologies
  • Robohealer takes in the consideration not only oral symptoms but also clinical findings as well as medical and health information to provide a comprehensive evaluation of each individual patient
  • Robohealer aims to provide a combination of online assessments with Telehealth integrations in addition to in office robotics that will help with patient screenings, patient education among other things.
  • We believe that preventative care is the most important part of healthcare. But we also work with our partners to give people access to high-quality care when and where they need it


Some of Robohealer’s

AI Symptom Checker

Quick, reliable, and helpful symptom checker helping eliminate doubt and provide both patients and providers with a list of differential diagnosis they can explore further.

Connect with Board Certified Doctors 24/7/365

Answer a few questions about your symptoms and our AI-powered Symptom Checker will direct you to potential causes and recommended next steps. It can also connect you with a doctor virtually or in person, if you choose to go that route.

Access + Store Dental Records

Wish you could access your dental records anytime and anywhere? Now you can.Robohealer offers the ability to store all your past and present dental records within our secure cloud server.

Notifications for Innovative Products & Services

Get updates and notifications for new innovative products and new potential treatment options that can help address long term dental problems.

Live Post-op Tracking

End-to-end post-op tracking allows you to receive updates in real time from you dental providers to ensure that you’re on the road to a safe and quick recovery. View post op instructions, articles & tips in the palm of your hand.

Remote Dental Patient Monitoring

With the utilization of remote patient monitoring tools currently in development, Robohealer can help you and your dental professional team maintain constant supervision on your oral health and prevent problems from getting worse.

Better outcomes for health systems,
clinicians and patients

Billions are wasted annually and consistently as almost every health system on the planet overspends.
That’s why we make sure that patients get the right care at the right time, in the right clinical setting.
This helps enhance productivity and generate real value for health systems, clinicians and patients.

For health systems

We create better outcomes and reduce costs.

For clinicians

We help improve efficiency and reduce misdiagnosis. We make

For patients

We provide a better and more accessible experience and make sure they’re in good hands with the right clinician who can help.

A complete and revolutionary AI solution putting a smile on the face of patients and provides worldwide

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